About SimWebTech

My name is Michael Simmons and I have been working professionally in web development for over 9 years. The first 5 years were solely working in ASP Classic and the last 4 were split between ASP Classic and ASP/VB.Net. All 9 years I worked heavily in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. All the websites and applications developed in that timeframe utilized Microsoft SQL Server (versions 2005 - 7.0).

I started my programming career in the late 1990s developing desktop software in Visual Basic 6 while going to college for my computer science degree. After graduation I started working for a web based hotel reservation company, making my jump from the desktop to the internet, and worked my way up to lead developer. During that time, the applications I built and put into place increased revenue, taking the number of transactions per day from twelve to over two hundred. With the increased number of transactions new systems had to be implemented to handle the volume, so I replaced business processes that had been previously managed by hand, such as invoiceing the clients, with automated applications that utilized such technologies as SOAP and XML. These processes eliminated the need for human interaction, thus eliminating the probability of human error. All of these systems were developed in Flash, ActionScript, and ASP Classic for the front end with a SQL 2000 for the back end, using such technologies as ADO, CSS, XML and DHTML.

I later moved on to a larger company with over four hundred employees, starting off as a contractor developing a survey system for one of the departments. During that time I detected a need for a new payroll system and after pointing that need out to the head of the company, I was hired on full time as the lead developer for operations. I then developed a web based timesheet system that is now used company wide. After that was in place, I played a role in developing a new invoiceing system to match. With the new systems in place, the accounting team went from four accountants that had to work a lot of overtime to just two with no overtime needed. These projects utilized VB.NET for the front end with a SQL 2005 for the back end using such technologies as ADO.NET, ASP.NET, and DHTML, based on the Microsoft .NET 2.0 Framework

I have made the jump from working for an employer full time to full time freelance, giving up the hustle and bustle of the big cities for the serenity of the countryside. Freelancing has prooved to be a tad bit more demanding than working in a salaried position, but with my love of programing and technology in general, it is much more fulfilling.

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